Italians call these tubos "bananas". The straight tubo was the first hand blown glass bead I brought back from Italy 8 years ago and I've now reintroduced them in more great colors. Use them for long necklaces - they can be incorporated on one side of a piece or both. There are some great design examples in the slide show on this website. This year I added the baby tubo - again to be used in long necklaces, but with a lighter look.

Amber Glass

Black Opaque Glass - Matte

Black Opaque Glass - Shiny

Dark Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass - Matte

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass - Shiny

I discovered these wonderful hand blown Moretti "tubos" on a visit to Venice. Use one as a focal surrounded by other beads or try a set of two with a large focal pendant for a more contemporary piece. (See examples). Please note that because tubos are hand blown, slight imperfections may appear in the glass. And, no two are exactly alike. Pairs are as close as possible. Remember this is a "soft" glass, but methods used to create these pieces are hundreds of years old - they are extremely resilient. They will be approximately 5 1/2" from hole to hole and 8" along the outside curve of the bead.

Amber Clear Glass

Black Opaque Glass

Black Opaque Glass

Dark Red Opaque Glass

Ivory Opaque Glass

Light Orange Opaque Shiny

Pumpkin Opaque Glass

Red Opaque Glass

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