Italians call these tubos "bananas". The straight tubo was the first hand blown glass bead I brought back from Italy 8 years ago and I've now reintroduced them in more great colors. Use them for long necklaces - they can be incorporated on one side of a piece or both. There are some great design examples in the slide show on this website. This year I added the baby tubo - again to be used in long necklaces, but with a lighter look.

Amber Glass

Black Opaque Glass - Matte

Black Opaque Glass - Shiny

Brown Matte

Dark Ivory Opaque Glass

Dark Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Dark Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Dark Red Opaque Glass

Dove Grey Opaque Glass

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass - Matte

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass - Shiny

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