Cipolini's are great examples of a set of hand blown Italian glass beads. By working with the studio we created three sizes of "little onions." As shown in the example it's a great way to add a sculptural and colorful aspect to your piece. They are available in small (approx 24mm), medium (approx 27mm) and large (approx 30mm) in diameter. Please keep in mind that because they are hand blown they may vary in size slightly. They are priced at $12 each.

Amber Etched

Amethyst Etched

Black Matte

Black Shiny

Dark Orange Matte

Dark Orange Shiny

Dark Red Shiny

Dove Grey Matte

Ivory Matte

Lapis Matte

Lapis Shiny

Light Orange Matte

Light Orange Shiny

Pumpkin Matte

Real Orange Matte

Real Orange Shiny

Sweet Pea Matte

Sweet Pea Shiny

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