Simple hand blown focals create a unique fashion statement. Combine them with other beads from past treasure hunts. Or, string them onto rubber tubing or leather cord for a quick on-the-run necklace. Attach a fabulous button or bead and loop at the back as a closure for an added aspect to your design.

Amber Etched

Amethyst Etched

Black Opaque Glass - Matte

Black Opaque Glass - Shiny

Dark Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Dark Orange Opaque Glass- Shiny

Ivory Opaque Glass

Ivory Opaque Glass - Matte

Lapis Opaque Glass - Matte

Lapis Opaque Glass - Shiny

Light Grey Etched

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Light Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Real Orange Opaque Glass - Matte

Real Orange Opaque Glass - Shiny

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass

Sweet Pea Opaque Glass - Matte

The beads below are called "Barchettas", Italian for a small boat.
Amber Etched

Amethyst Etched

Black Matte

Black Shiny

Dark Green Etched

Dark Ivory Matte

Dark Red Matte

Dark Red Shiny

Lapis Matte

Pumpkin Matte

Terra Cotta Matte

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