Limited editions - Watch this space! These beads are small collections available for a limited time. New pieces will be added periodically. If you love these - don't hesitate to order.

Horizontal wings - they add a different direction to your piece - African and contemporary - see the slide show for a great example of how to use These wonderful beads.

Horizontal Wings - Black Matte

Horizontal Wings - Red shiny

Horizontal Wings - Sweet Pea shiny

Horizontal Wings - Black shiny

Organic Snails - these very unique beads make up beautifully as a choker (see slide show). These are made as a limited edition -- so quantities are limited -- please inquire as to availability before ordering.
Limited Edition Snails - Black Shiny

Limited Edition snails - Black matte

Limited Edition snails - Etched Clear

Limited Edition snails - Dove Grey matte

Limited Edition snails - Amber clear

Limited Edition snails - Smoke clear

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